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Transformative inspiration through the union of yoga and meditation
Yoga and Meditation with Shauna Larson CYT
Yoga can be a practice of mindfulness in movement. That mindfulness depends on your state of mind. Here's where Maitri comes into play. Maitri is a Sanskrit word meaning loving kindness. Experiencing mindful awareness and kindness towards ourselves in the moment as it arises is full of limitless possibilities. This is how I approach the yoga practice and my daily life. You can too.   

The yoga classes that I offer are Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flowing Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Meridian Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. The yoga postures are guided with a B.K.S. Iyengar approach to alignment, attention to the placement of the skeletal system, followed by the placement of muscle stability. The connection with the breath initiates movement and establishes stability. The alignment is the foundation for the posture and enables you to have a deepened experience as the meridians open. As the breath flows through the body, mind opens, heart opens, body opens. You have mindfulness in the moment.

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"Shauna’s knowledge goes far beyond Yoga. Shauna uses her many skills as a naturopath, herbalist and a meditation instructor, just to name a few, to enhance and personalize the Yoga experience for each student.!." - Doreen Kojoian